We’re mapping our city’s solidarity economy to show all the ways people are meeting their needs – from swap shops and childcare groups, to housing co-ops and community farms – in ethical and sustainable ways.

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Together, we are creating an alternative economy that’s based on cooperation and self-determination; empowers everyone, regardless of their race, sexual orientation, gender, or background; and that has the health and wellbeing of people and planet at its core.

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Oxford has a growing number of organisations, projects and initiatives who are seeking to create a more democratic, socially just, and ecologically sustainable city.

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In many cities around the world, people have been working together to map their solidarity economy. These maps have helped to make their city’s communities more connected, their projects and initiatives stronger, and have helped more people to be able to access the products and services they need in ways that don’t exploit or harm others or the planet. Be part of a movement for change by adding your initiative here.

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The Village: We run like a time-bank for childcare, with 15 families providing free, quality childcare for one another.

Agile Collective: Being a workers co-op means everyone who works for us can become a member and co-own the business.

Open House: Open House is about bringing people together to solve Oxford's housing and homelessness crisis.

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Solidarity Oxford is a short pilot project from the Oxford-based Solidarity Economy Association. During the pilot, we’ve been meeting with community leaders, projects and organisations within the city to talk to them about what they need from a project like this. We’ve been collecting information about the things that are happening here, and putting them on a digital map. We’ve also been finding ways of helping projects to tell their own stories about what they are doing in their communities, and documenting our process as we’ve been going along.

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