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Agile Collective

Agile Collective is a digital agency and worker co-operative.

It works exlusively with organisations that have a positive impact in the world, and they’re a worker co-operative because they believe ‘it’s just a better way to run our business.’

In practice, this means that all full-time employees can become a member of the co-op, giving them equal ownership and control of the company. Because they don’t work to make a profit for third party investors or owners, all the profit the team makes is reinvested back into the business to improve their services and further their mission.

Finn explains a bit more about what makes Agile Collective different in this short clip:

Being a worker co-operative creates a great sense of ownership, responsibility and engagement between everyone, and a strong dedication to the clients they work with. As Aaron says, it’s hugely different to anywhere else he’s ever worked, as he explains in this short clip: